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last updated at 2007-11-21 18:43
DanC: by Dan Connolly 21 Jun 2005 in IBM Developer Works
surely there's a better way to share annotations than this
DanC: see also Shared annotations? by Norm Walsh 18 Sep 2007
DanC: see also Annotea [link please?] and www-collaboration
DanC: I like
DanC: I gather sandro is doing work in this area
timbl_: Maybe it is time for SWIG to have a running annotation server
DanC: "it is important to distinguish between the declaration of that URI as a name for a particular resource" it is? that seems to presume the conclusion. This reader isn't ready to stipulate to that claim at this point in the article
sbp: "This difference is important to Web architecture" it is? perhaps I'll be convinced later in the paper...
DanC: "The other party may wish to make use of the URI as a means of referring to the resource, without necessarily believing other assertions that are made about the resource. " I doubt that can work.
DanC: ... especially after thinking about it all day in IRW2006
DanC: see also scheduled topic chat invitation of 13 Nov 2007
DavidBooth: I'm working on a bit more explanation of why the URI declaration matters.
DanC: "Suppose I mint a URI for the moon: . " phphpt no #
logger: See discussion
DanC: "A URI declaration is a performative speech act." ✓+
DavidBooth: I'll paste in some additional explanation that I'm drafting. See what you think.
DanC: "Its publication by someone " s/publication//. you don't say "publish a speech act"
DavidBooth: "Given a URI, there is nothing intrinsicly different about a set of assertions that has been designated as the declaration of that URI from some other set of assertions involving that URI, except its designation as the URI declaration. Thus, the notion of an authoritative URI declaration is merely an arbitration mechanism that allows the meaning of the URI to be anchored to a single...
DanC: re speech act, see also causal theory of reference by Quine, which (is? should be) cited from my IRW2006 paper
DavidBooth: "Different writers will make different sets of assertions involving the URI, and some of these sets of assertions will be mutually incompatible, in spite of the fact that each set may be useful and valuable for some applications. One reason why this happens and needs to be permitted to happen is that when the real world is modeled formally, approximations are necessarily made. An...
DanC: that's as far as my written comments go.
toward a GRDDL profile for OpenID
DanC: see
karlUshi: "Scientists and social scientists need to do triage together to determine the best ways to approach a problem and allocate resources. The social process is important. How do you know what's a concern?"
karlUshi: "Climate change inherently asks us to confront humanities relationship to nature, and it takes all disciplines to get a good picture of what that looks like."
karlUshi: That sounds like a good semantic Web project
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