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last updated at 2007-11-06 16:14
danbri: Maybe see you at one of these?
timbl: Nova Spivak: When you use the standards then you get the network effect
timbl: Tim O'Reily pushes Danny Hillis to open up his platform with the semantic web.
timbl: Nova: This is about a Web of data -- we call it hyperdata, like hypertext.
timbl: The screens alas are not visable in the demos
m94mni: Proposed Recommendation
m94mni: This document describes how a Dublin Core metadata description set can be encoded in HTML/XHTML <meta> and <link> elements. It is an HTML meta data profile, as defined by the HTML specification.
m94mni: Public Comment is being held from 5 November through 3 December 2007
m94mni: New version of Dublin Core in HTML/XHTML <meta> and <link> elements out for public comment
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