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last updated at 2007-11-04 13:15
tommorris: Finally getting around to putting stuff up on GS, including some hopefully braindead simple introductions to using the various SW libraries
sbp: "a microformat for embedding Turtle, an RDF format that's easy to write, into XHTML documents. It is compatible with GRDDL via a service which provides an XSLT transform to RDF/XML from any given hTurtle URI."
sbp: By me, so you know it's whizzo, spiffing, ace, and all that other good stuff. Tally ho!
sbp: Announced to semantic-web and microformats-new too. There's also an entry on CustomRdfDialects on the ESW Wiki.
sbp: The resulting grumbles on microformats-new are somewhat worth reading.
sbp: Coming soon from Björn Höhrmann, hSchildkröte.
dajobe: not Türtle?
dajobe: or Tµrtle
dajobe: anyway, as I said, I don't like it
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