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last updated at 2007-11-03 22:11
presbrey: and a snapshot of the effect
presbrey: except the snapshot titles the field "FOAF URL" and the patch says "FOAF URI"
danbri: On flickr, feedback welcomed.
danbri: Here or flickr comments...
danbri: It isn't complete, but covers the core of the vocab in an informal way. Could do with an instance data version too.
danbri: In the flickr version btw I've moved "name" up to the Thing class
danbri: As exported by a patched SIOC exporter
danbri: Queriable:
danbri: PREFIX : <>
danbri: SELECT DISTINCT * WHERE { [ a :Person ; :openid ?oid ]}
danbri: Todo:
danbri: Have another think about SIOC/FOAF borders; do we really need two group membership relations?
danbri: SIOC gives: Usergroup/has_member/User, FOAF has Group/member/Agent. Any sioc:User is also a foaf:OnlineAccount which we don't say explicitly is an Agent, but probably should do. Is sioc:Usergroup a subclass of foaf:Group; I don't think that's clear yet.
danbri: Anyway, on the openid front, this was the easiest way to export my openid list from wordpress, and makes me think a unified semweb wordpress exporter would be well worth the effort.
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