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last updated at 2007-11-02 19:15
sbp: By shahan, whom we helped out here on #swig the other day.
danbri: Anyone here familiar with CDF/WICD specs? I couldn't find any actual examples...
danbri: But since it supports SVG, and SVG allows RDF, it seems to be a doc format which will allow RDF/XML inline without complaint. Unlike every variant of HTML.
sbp: Which I wrote today. Passes all the positive .ttl tests except for one of the datatype canonicalisation ones; dajobe says that canonicalisation of datatypes is to be removed anyway.
chimezie: Includes an interesting SPARQL->SQL rewriting optimization which is completely driven by an OWL document describing the dataset being queried
chimezie: This ensures queries to the dataset are fully optimized WRT the property characteristics described in the OWL
chimezie: Developed as part of an ongoing effort to build an efficient Cyc -> SPARQL bridge
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