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last updated at 2007-10-12 21:10
chimezie: Case study of a 4+ year (and counting) project which applies several SW technologies to a content repository for clinical research
chimezie: Related literature: An Application of Semantic Technology to the Management of Computerized Patient Medical Records, Tools for Next Generation of Content Management Systems: XML, RDF, and GRDDL, and [Analysis of an architecture for data validation in end-to-end XML processing systems|
chimezie: timbl: someone grab a photo of the clinic? stick it in the report? Maybe a person? Photos help make case studies come alive often...
timbl: In general though, KUTGW SWEO!
chimezie: Primary SW technologies used: OWL,N3,SPARQL,GRDDL
DanC: includes a history of the palmagent project, up to
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