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last updated at 2007-10-10 10:37
iand: LENA stands for LEns based NAvigator. A lens represents a particular view onto RDF data and is described by the Fresnel Display Vocabulary.
sbp: Ostensibly containing a homespun ruby RDF templating thing. There's some code. WARNING: you might want to turn off colours before venturing within...
m94mni: comparison of dirrent syntaxes for RDF
sbp: Numerous on the ground, but all quite old. One by DanC (2000), another by maxf (2001), by jason of injektilo (2000). Jonathan Borden did a thing too.
sbp: Reto says that Jeremy Carroll wrote one which was so slow that it was "freezing even on the fastest machines".
reto: it is "Glacial, even with the fastest CPU" according to
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