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last updated at 2007-09-22 06:41
dajobe: announced 2007-09-20
timbl: "Feel free to use the DOAP you find on this site any way you wish. Note however that the URLs for DOAP will change after this site goes 'stable'." [sic] By what definition of 'stable'? --
timbl: Provdes an atom feed but not rdf feed?
timbl: "My DOAP validator is online. It can only parse 'strict' DOAP for now, meaning the first element must be a 'Project' element, not an 'RDF:rdf' element. " -- So RDF/XML and 'Strict DOAP' do not overlap. That sounds like a bug to me. Maybe strict DOAP should come with a mandtatory GRDDL profile.
timbl: Project DOAP files like are RDF/MXL OK though, it seems
danbri: But RDF/XML allows rdf:RDF to be ommitted, TimBL....
timbl: How does anyone know that the data is RDF, then?
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