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last updated at 2007-07-19 22:48
tommorris: A very rough draft at trying to do something cool and/or useful with bibliographic data on the Web. Please add your own ideas, experiences, plots for world domination etc.
tommorris: Danny Ayers on @profile. One day, oh, one day, someone will open their eyes in the HTML WG and I will be saved from having to bang my head against the table in frustration every fscking day.
tommorris: That nobody is using GRDDL is an argument to get rid of technology on which GRDDL is based would cause an absolute uproar if you s/GRDDL/CSS. ;)
timbl: People do use CSS. A lot. But there was a long time when CSS was not well deployed, but the WG kept developing it as they knew it ould be realy neat when it was deployed.
logger: See discussion
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