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last updated at 2007-06-25 14:30
tommorris: A proposal for pre-emptively changing GRDDL to use rel='grddl' instead of the head profile, which seems to have been cleaved from both the HTML and XHTML WG proposals
dajobe: this is kinda fixed in SVN raptor. the "magic" discovery of microformats can be turned off. I can enable that in triplr, although that means if there are microformats with no profile, you'll get nothing. There is no good solution when you are guessing.
tommorris: tommorris' cwm screencast tutorial, showing a simple mashup of datasets and using rules to extract commonalities.
tommorris: maybe not exactly the best way of doing it, but it's by newbs, for newbs.
kjetilk: the WG is working on a grouping resources document that will reach first public WD RSN
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