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last updated at 2007-05-03 19:37
DanC: "2007-05-03:W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of GRDDL to Candidate Recommendation and the publication of GRDDL Test Cases as a Last Call Working Draft. Implementation feedback and comments are welcome through 31 May."
DanC: news permalink
DanC: see also GRDDL tutorial at WWW2007
DanC: and see GRDDL implementations, a wiki page that you're welcome to help with
timbl: Congrats all round!!
danja_: PDF, a puff piece on Sem Web for IEEE Internet Computing
danja_: not on the defensive
danja_: no offense, Jim, Ora dudes...
danja_: (all we need is prolog+uris)
hendler: Ahh, young JEDI, you underestimate the power of the Dark Side
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