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last updated at 2007-02-17 23:14
chimezie: A 'Semantic Web Ontology' document. Transformed (programatically) from OWL/XML, Markdown, SKOS, DC, and OBO into a GRDDL source document which expresses the ontology for humans (XHTML and OWL Manchester syntax) and machines (The OWL ontology is a GRDDL result)
chimezie: The program which generated this document can work on any other OWL/XML document which also takes advantage of Markdown/SKOS/OBO in annotating it's terms
chimezie: Still have to serve as 'text/html' for the benefit of cross-browser support =(
danja: surprisingly accurate (but it is a new page)
danja: but there's a lack of docs re. the early days of RDF & RSS 0.9 (currently Guha is named as creator of RSS 0.9), see the discussion page
danbri: Generous wording: "a revitalization of Netscape by AOL"
danbri: My pov. See also "It looks like there's an opportunity for us to add to the MCF standard. It also looks like it's happening, so it's time to jump on the bandwagon and start digging..." in MCF and UserLand...
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