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last updated at 2007-02-11 23:14
danbri: Saturday, April 14, 2007, York.
drewp: a practical use for the css history hack, on a site that gathers reviews
danbri: Nice use case, though a little invasive.
drewp: example movie rating structure from
dajobe: is a 403 so the xinclude tests cannot be run
dajobe: otherwise raptor passes all of part3 since it passes one of (grddlonrdf1,2,3) which are alternatives
dajobe: oops, except conneg2
logger: See discussion
dajobe: hcard1 seems to have conflicting vcard namespaces in the test (xslt) vs result
dajobe: sq2 relies on doing two parses on namespace documents that are mime type application/rdf+xml - a GRDDL one followed by an RDF/XML one (any order)
dajobe: otherwise raptor passes all of part 2
dajobe: re sq2, this is in the draft WD in second green box Normative Statement
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