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last updated at 2007-02-06 22:44
perigrin: the previously mentioned RDF/libsyck hack using perl
perigrin: be kind it is running on a kurobox
perigrin: also see the source code
perigrin: original location in case the link above doesn't work
danja: (blog post from last summer)
DanC: by DanC 2006-03-07, a plug for semantic mediawiki
DanC: see discussion
DanC: especially timbl's notes on vcard, ldif, etc. with a nice diagram
DanC: stay tuned for notes on issues from ndw
DanC: part of the discussion of issue-http-header-links
DanC: also use case
kjetilk: This is a general discussion list about using Perl to manipulate and query RDF graphs.
kjetilk: In particular, discussion around different Perl and RDF modules are welcome, and also needs for APIs.
kjetilk: Open list for everyone interested in Perl and Semantic Web
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