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last updated at 2007-01-26 20:16
Earle_Martin: Notes about possible evolution of a shared RDF output format for OpenGuides and WikiTravel
danbri: A profile of foaf, which also uses some vcard properties (vCard:ADR stuff), as well as geo
danbri: User profiles for Jabber., with mapping to vcard and foaf where it fits.
DanC: hmm... wishing for time to look at this closely
DanC: G631 according to Amy
danbri: Virtually attending: DanBri
danbri: See also this blog post which spells out the (well enough known) desire to have metadata about organizational roles.
danbri: I started RDFizing that strawman
danbri: I had no idea. Dunno how yet either. Investigating...
danbri: Aha, inline Turtle!
kjetilk: We try to get semweb hackers to propose projects that the community can gather around
kjetilk: Then gather people around projects to produce usable applications
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