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last updated at 2007-01-25 23:09
danja: "This document describes the basic schema for IEEE 802.21 Media-Independent Information Service, an RDF (Resource Description Framework) schema defined in IEEE 802.21. This document serves as the Specification required by the IANA to maintain a global registry for storing the RDF schema."
danja: text/plain, naturally...
dajobe: everyone's favourite mime type
timbl: " <!ENTITY mihbasic "URL_TO_BE_ASSIGNED">"
danbri: rdfweb-dev list reborn as foaf-dev (thanks Edd)
danbri: Archives have been migrated.
danbri: " ... generates a great level of pain when one watches one's friend moving in a wrong direction" -- Dieter Fensel, Director of DERI Innsbruck
danbri: +1
danbri: RDF and SemWeb stuff in SW of UK. List has been quiet lately...
danbri: Interviewed by Ian Forrester of BBC Backstage. Ian: "Xforms looks quite amazing and has really moved along since I last looked at it."
danbri: Mark: "...we can't guarantee the W3C will continue to innovate" (w.r.t. to recent events around HTML...) (says plenty nice stuff about W3C too...).
danja: workshop at ESWC 2007, June 6-7, 2007 - Innsbruck, Austria.
danja: see also : Scripting for the Semantic Web, at same event
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