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last updated at 2007-01-24 22:25
briansuda: All things vCard on the web
danbri: pointers to work in Dublin Core community, about representation of skill and educational levels (for describing education-related resources, etc).
perigrin: DOAC - Description of a Career (??)
briansuda: My Master Thesis - "Modelling of Resume Data in the Semantic Web Using RDF"
briansuda: Master Thesis of Maģistra darbs
briansuda: Masters Thesis of Uldis Bojārs
dajobe: announced today
dajobe: see API docs
timbl: "* Find photos titled "mr. camera" in the 'dc' namespace : {"machine_tags" => "dc:title=\"mr. camera\"}" looks like but Dubn core, and yet...
timbl: "# Are machine tag namespaces reserved? No. Anyone can use a namespace for anything they want."
danja: "If you are concerned about colliding namespaces you should consider adding an additional machine tag to define your namespace."
timbl: "For example : dc:subject=tags \n xmlns:dc="
timbl: Now there is a URI! :)
mortenf: A question: Now, where?s that list of canonical namespace prefixes?
Wikier: we've included more information about the project at the webpage
Wikier: if somebody want to know more after reading Fred's article
Wikier: soon more information...
danbri: Cool! I'd like to try it. Can I find a .tar.gz somewhere? Any dependencies?
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