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last updated at 2007-01-23 21:53
DanC_lap: I hope they install redirects
DanC_lap: ah... at least one of the commentors gets it: "It's a bit academic how may web sites there are. It's not called the web for nothing"
danbri: See glossary home page
danbri: Now with added xquery, xpath, xslt goodness.
danbri: So we have the concept with prefLabel "expression context" and a URI
DanC: timbl 2003/04
DanC: I wonder to what extent XQuery includes these mappings
DanC: note to self: get this linked from IRIEverywhere-27 entry in the TAG issues list
DanC: congrats, ndw and company!
timbl: This is the culmination of a huge amount of important work -- well done everyone.
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