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last updated at 2007-01-08 20:21
sbp: The core idea here is that scientific articles should contain their data and proofs in machine readable formats, so that things can be repeated, links to original data can be followed back, and so on and so forth.
sbp: This sounds like a job for... the Semantic Web! Does anyone know of any work going on in this area specifically within Semantic Web circles?
chimezie: See: Semantic Web Applications in Neuromedicine and Scientifc Publishing Task Force
danbri: This is somewhat related to what we're doing in the CASPAR project, around digital preservation. There might be some demos eg. of ESA satellite data coming along soon...
sbp: References: CASPAR and A Scalable Framework for Multimedia Knowledge Management from Yves
chimezie: Then there is the Ontology for Biomedical Investigations (formally called FuGO)
hendler: Timbl with help from Jim H. and monica schraefel is giving a one week "boot camp" on Sem Web at MIT
hendler: info on the course is at
hendler: collection of pointers at
sbp: Minor grumble at the example URI in Slide 5: UseRealURIs!
sbp: This is a really wonderful talk. Binds together lots of stuff we've seen before into one easy to understand package. I wonder how it'll be for people learning from scratch? As a cheatsheet it's great.
dmiles_afk: the number of concepts are static .. but the linking sometimes works
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