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last updated at 2006-12-11 05:44
dajobe: 0.9.1 released 2006-12-10
dajobe: MPT stands for Mapped Predicate Tables, indicating that it's not using a single table-of-triples store model
dajobe: license is ECL 1.0 - new one to me. better read it before using
dajobe: using_new_licenses--
bblfish: licence at
dajobe: trippi connectors currently exist for Sesame, Kowari, Oracle Spatial, and MPTStore
dajobe: v1.1.1 was released 2006-12-10
dajobe: trippi license is unclear. It's not recorded on sourceforge. What's up with that?
dajobe: ahh, ECL is what SAKAI uses, also has a Cornell background
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