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last updated at 2006-12-06 22:13
DanC: some OWL stuff and N3 rules to relate RDF calendar to Allen's time calculus.
DanC: supports one_trip_per_month.n3 use case
DanC: currently using embedding of Allen's work in Cyc, but I intend to integrate with OWL time
DanC: I was getting it ready for a breadcrumbs write-up, but I ran into a cwm bug that I reported in Sep
karlUshi: "CSF 3.0 uses RDF to store user profile file rather than Active Directory." "RDF is a W3C Recommendation and is used for representing information as a graph with nodes and links. This is particulary useful for profile data because in our experience profile data looks more like a graph as opposed to relational or hierarchical. This is the reason we chose to use RDF." [RDF-Profile Manager|
karlUshi: RDF-Profile Manager
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