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last updated at 2006-11-15 20:54
Grammars: BNF, EBNF, Notation3, SPARQL, and Turtle
logger: See discussion
DanC: see also Re: We need a EBNF spec, DanC to Bjoern Hoehrmann, cc spec-prod, 22 Feb 2006,
DanC: also bnf2turtle -- write a turtle version of an EBNF grammar 2006-02-10
DanC: also a notation3 grammar in XML formal grammar notation / EBNF 16 Jun 2006 in public-cwm-talk, where I think I connected with AndyS a bit.
DanC: also 16 Jun chump item
DanC: a 2006-02-09 changelog entry in the Dave B's turtle spec says: Add rule numbers before BNF rules to allow to work
DanC: also proposed: use abstract syntax notation (asn06) Sandro Hawke (Thursday, 9 November) and resulting thread
DanC: the holy grail: a machine-checked proof that turtle is a compatible sublanguage of N3; likewise parts of SPARQL
DanC: where compatible is defined in TAG versioning discussions; see Using RDF and OWL to model language evolution
DanC: RFE: formal N3 grammar is open since (at least) 10 Jun 2004. The goal there is to have a grammar mechanically checked against the tests.
DanC: the spec-prod thread includes notes on the XQuery/XPath grammar sources from which they generate a functioning JavaCC parser (member-only; sigh)
DanC: New RDF Grammar-Based N3 Parser and Test Suite is sbp's contribution of 10 Dec 2004
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