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last updated at 2006-11-13 22:58
danja: anyone seen anything similar for RDF(S), OWL?
Kriegel: A web page misconfigured
bengee: odd, works fine for me..
KjetilK: yeah, actually, one of the best sites I've ever seen
CaptSolo: see discussion at (and above)
CaptSolo: you may test-drive SemRadar/JS user javascript for Greasemonkey & Opera (warning: raw development version)
CaptSolo: if you do, please send feedback to SIOC-Dev mailing list or captsolo [at]
DanC: Brian to uf-discuss Nov 13
DanC: ooh... online service generates BibTex, Dublin Core
danja: (assuming you don't value your time ;-)
danja: This document is still a draft; any feedback is highly welcome — Ivan Herman, SW Activity Lead
sbp: Touches a few subjects I'm also thinking about, namely: how to store lots of RDF very efficiently; how to get the Semantic Web to be more widgety and a kind of data remix haven; and better serialisation (as usual).
dajobe: from the Semantic Web and Ants weblog, which I assume everyone is reading
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