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last updated at 2006-11-06 22:02
cygri: Paper by Eyal Oren, presented at SemDesk 2006
cygri: How do we work? How do we categorize things? How do we retrieve information? Why do we still use paper?
cygri: Includes long list of references to research from psychology
danja: Nova Spivack (Radar Networks)
danja: "I hope the reader will bear with me as I bounce around across different scales of technology and time, and from the extremes of core technology to wild speculation in order to tell this story."
DanC: I wonder if Euler can work as a reasoner for PAW
DanC: installing Yapp... hmm... 3.1M of source...
DanC: Yapp configure wins...
DanC: I guess Yapp installed OK.
DanC: with help from Jos, I've got the java/prolog/http combo running...
DanC: see WSRI website
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