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last updated at 2006-11-04 22:47
danja: PBS Teacher Source blog
danja: quotes timbl on webscience
danja: also - "For example, let’s say I post a photo of one of my cats online..." ( winds up on planetrdf?)
timbl: Tries to explain the difference between tagging and semantic web, but later commenters don't get it completely. I added a cment poitning to FOAF-a-matic
danbri: "rdfs:seeAlso is an instance of rdf:Property that is used to indicate a resource that might provide additional information about the subject resource."
danbri: "A triple of the form: A S rdfs:seeAlso O states that the resource O may provide additional information about S. It may be possible to retrieve representations of O from the Web, but this is not required. When such representations may be retrieved, no constraints are placed on the format of those representations."
timbl: Tabulator when looking up A will also look up B is A see:also B.
timbl: It therefore needs that if you follow all A rdfs:seeAlso B fro a constant A, the process will terminate with a finite amount of inforation. Sometimes a ot, sometimes a little, but 'reasonabe'.
danbri: Needs/follows... I don't see that.
timbl: If it gets a list of things to load which is too big, and has a large amount o fdata irrelevant to A, then a semantic web browser gets bogged down with a huge store of irrelevant facts, and lots of bandwidth wasted.
timbl: [R=303]
timbl: from Best Practice Recipes for Publishing RDF Vocabularies
timbl: FOAF now does this properly. Yeah danbri.
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