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last updated at 2006-11-03 20:39
CaptSolo: List of applications that use / implement SIOC
never mind
danbri: A response to 'What is a good conceptual model for identity data?' from Johannes Ernst
danbri: =""
danbri: Previously unposted. I think I just took his model and RDFized.
DanC: Hart and Ferg August 10, 2006
DanC: see also A look at emerging Web security architectures from a Semantic Web perspective, my notes from the W3C security workshop, where I show that InfoCard, SXIP and others have name/address/phone property lists like P3P/vcard/foaf
DanC: with GRDDL markup
DanC: I wonder about using a spec like this as the namespace document.
DanC: attendee Dan Connolly. current-ish work: hcard-tests
ndw: attendee Norman Walsh. contribution: vCard ont./extract vCard from hCard
kjetilk_: attendee Kjetil Kjernsmo. Sort of semweb geek at Opera, author of's FOAF support
chimezie: attendee Chimezie Ogbuji. Current work with people vocabularies
briansuda: attendee Brian Suda. contribution: Extract vCard from hCard
danbri: attendee Dan Brickley, sort of semweb geek, irresponsible for FOAF and SWIG, ...
DanC: a ScheduledTopicChat
danja: attendee Danny Ayers. Here for the buffet.
bengee: sort-of attending: Benjamin Nowack, working on hCard/vCardRDF/FOAF mixery, doesn't see the justification for yet another vCard vocab yet but will happily pick up some convincing arguments
Cloud: attendee John Breslin. Working on etc.
HarryH: attendee Harry Halpin. Wants nice hCard->vCard/RDF FOAF mappings made "official" (whatever that means) among other things so people actually use GRDDL.
timbl: = 5% attendee Tim Berners-Lee would like to see RDF address feeds for groups, conference attendees etc and ajax sw to display them nicely
HarryH: Harry to contact original authors of
DanC: RESOLVED: to issue to the W3C Semantic Web Interest Group community with brian S, Harry H, and Norm W. as maintainers who will announce changes to and roll back in case of objections within a week. Changes may include a change of the accountability mailing list (e.g. to an XG)
DanC: ACTION DanC: arrange CVS access for brian, ndw, and Harry
logger: See discussion
DanC: discussion actually started around 15:16Z
chimezie: Issues with existing standards in this regards and the specific needs within this community
DanC: Wang "prefer that of vCard because FOAF has many other things, such as online chat account etc., that is not immediately useful to most biological applications"
chimezie: Helen chen on roles, participation and their relationships to persons - each of which is notably absent from FOAF
Biblio: TBL in edimburgh, talking against net neutrality
Biblio: made it to the BBC, probably most of world press
timbl: test
timbl: CORRECTION. Tim Berners-Lee is a strong supporter of net neutrality.
timbl: Maybe it started when Mark Lawson started asked me whether I could sleep at night given all the horrid things happening out there. Is it just cheap fear mongering journalism? or maybe there is a subconscious feeling in the Beeb that the Net is a threat -- maybe to broadcasting as they know it? I'll be interested to se what Alan Yentob makes of our more recent interview. -- I have my fingers crossed that it will be
logger: See discussion
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