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last updated at 2006-10-06 18:25
bijan: dajobe asks, "WORKING DRAFT - what happened?"
bijan: Aside fromt the restructuring, the WG identified a number of holes and some problem. For example, DISTINCT (a favorite issue of mine :)) was left unspecified. It was resolved, alas in my view, in a term oriented way.
bijan: But at least now it is specified clearly and precisely.
bijan: Current problems include some issues with the scope of variables in FILTERS (Fred Zemke of Oracle has been the point person on that).
bijan: And some problems with the algebra (e.g., failures of commutivity and idempotenanty).
bijan: There are also issues with the semantic framework (e.g., what the answers are to queries of inconsistent RDFS graphs), and some issues with value comparisons (which will probably be resolved, again alas, in a term oriented way).
bijan: Hopefully, the working group will be able to resolve these issues in a reasonable time frame as well as improving the readability of the spec (great strides there).
bijan: I'm happy to explain, in detail, the issues I was involved in. Ping away!
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chimezie: "Description Logic Programs (DLPs) - roughly speaking - are ontological knowledge bases which lie within the intersection of OWL and Logic Programming"
chimezie: Has a decent reference section - including the 'original' paper
chimezie: Related (from HCLSIG F2F): Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Operation Guidelines as DLP
chimezie: NLP-DL - Coupling Nonmonotonic Logic Programs with Description Logics - has some benchmarks of comparing tableux (sp?) DL reasoners against a LP db system.
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