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last updated at 2006-08-23 13:54
iand: All metadata written to photos by Windows Vista will be written to XMP (always directly to the file itself, never to a sidecar file).
iand: The original story is a better read
karlUshi: "The vocabulary provides terms for describing music, i.e. artists, albums, and tracks."
karlUshi: "The basic Semetag application consists of a set of common desktop tools including an MP3 player, an MPEG player, a POP3 email client, an RSS reader, an image slideshow viewer, a Jabber instant messaging client and a web browser. "
karlUshi: "This document introduces a loose architecture called Legere that builds on Web Architecture and structured authoring disciplines for developing software. "
karlUshi: Maybe technical specifications could benefit from a similar approache, the difficulty is more how to not add burden on a editor, how to raise benefits when writing a specification.
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