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last updated at 2006-08-22 16:48
chaals: i.e. an RDF browser available for Opera 9 :) And they said we'd never do any RDF...
chaals: Although I am wondering what it is going to be like on mobiles...
chimezie: Managing software requirements and component relationships (down to the code level) using RDF and 'structured authoring'
chimezie: "Conceptually, a simple (and unchanging) XSL Transformation takes an XHTML file and one or more MDL files and uncontaminates the XHTML to produce namespace-polluted XHTML."
chimezie: From Proceedings of Extreme Markup Languages
chimezie: "Unlike other attempts, RxPath is defined by a deterministic mapping from the RDF abstract syntax to the XPath 1.0 data model. "
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