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last updated at 2006-08-20 15:31
chimezie: See Axiomatizing WordNet Glosses in the OntoWordNet Project
chimezie: "OntoWordNet is an experimental translation of the WordNet 1.6 Noun Synsets into OWL, linked as a plugin to the DOLite+ library. About 820 synsets have been linked to DOLite+ classes. About 60000 synsets have been translated as classes. About 5000 synsets have been translated as instances."
chimezie: Rather impressive combination considering how well organized the DOLCE 'foundational' ontology is - perhaps even more so than SUMO
chimezie: I wasn't able to load it into my fav ontology editor of choice (SWOOP) or Protoge for that matter
danbri: "The distinction between "data" and "metadata" is not an absolute one; it is a distinction created primarily by a particular application, and many times the same resource will be interpreted in both ways simultaneously."
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