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last updated at 2006-08-18 15:44
bengee: Each blog post provides an RDF version, generated on the fly via an eRDF-to-RDF/XML converter
danbri: I guess the FOAF file is autogen'd too then? Looks pretty via XSLT styling.
bengee: not sure wrt the foaf file, looks more like hand-edited, though (e.g. the order of props, empty lines between sections)
bengee: He had some issues with utf-8 and the php-based eRDF parser, but it seems to work just fine now.
DanC: ooh... lemme try the GRDDL service on it...
DanC: this looks awesome.
karlUshi: Look at the URI
danbri: Is that suprising? The own IMDB these days.
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