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last updated at 2006-08-09 17:42
bjoern_: A followup on the earlier discussion in
bjoern_: `phenny, tell bjoern_ ...` if you have any comments on the query
danbri: SPARQL biting the hand that feeds it!
DanC: I did that query using N3 rules once or twice. I didn't get around to... umm... presenting it in a way that was fit for public consumption. ;-)
DanC: hmm... query uses $foo rather than ?foo syntax. just to make a point? or because of perl-ish preferences?
bjoern_: I'm used to $, a question mark in front of variables looks rather odd to me... and reminds me of Scheme, where ((((tests? had) some) odd) syntax) involving question marks) aswell)
bjoern_: Maybe there should be some format that encapsulates a SPARQL query and an XSLT document that transforms the XML result document that corresponds to the query into HTML; then you could make some web service that takes such a document and generates something pretty.
bjoern_: it would also allow you to run some more advanced queries SPARQL and/or SPARQL implementations do not offer, like fn:current-day() which is not required by SPARQL but, I guess, by XSLT 2.0
DanC: the WG considered including a pointer to an XSLT transformation in SPARQL query requests, but ended up not standardizing it. Several services do support it, though.
chimezie: Currently down (?), but apparently Mark needs some convincing on the value of SPARQL in the Web 2.0 stack
danbri: From the funny-names-for-things dept
danbri: Just stumbled across this.
logger: See discussion
iv_an_ru: Virtuoso implements the HTTP-based Semantic Bank API that enables client applications to post to its RDF Triple Store.
iv_an_ru: Discussion of RDF-oriented customizations implemented in OpenLink Virtuoso to facilitate RDF-triple storage and the SPARQL query language,
iv_an_ru: covering Data Types and Data Representation, SQL extensions for in-line SPARQL, SQL-Optimization techniques & Cost Model matters
iv_an_ru: , Join Operation Algorithms, and other database-engine tuning matters.
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