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last updated at 2006-07-28 18:07
DanC: hope to compare/contrast with GRDDL, RDFa etc.
DanC: I haven't read this, but I saw a nifty presentation at WWW2006 about using the role attribute to improve accessability of ajax apps.
DanC: "Under their care W3C's main Web servers have served over 70 million hits per day. Our mail hubs reject over 1 million virus and spam delivery attempts per day with zero reported false positives. Our server infrastructure typically sees server uptimes measured in hundreds of days"
DanC: Fabien Gandon (Thursday, 27 July)
DanC: his message refers to SweetWiki and from there we see RDFa2RDFXML.xsl
DanC: presented at 2006 SWIG ftf
timbl: Also "Publishing data on the web" in guide to online hypertext
danbri: by Li Ding, Lushan Han and Tim Finin at UMBC / Swoogle
danbri: By fantastic, I do not mean 'a work of fantasy'. The report summarises very usefully the roles and patterns in which the pieces of these namespaces show up in practice.
danbri: Interesting in particular the extent to which "lat"/"long" are used and "alt" isn't. I expected that, but not the extent: "The geo:alt property has been used by fewer that 20 documents".
danbri: I'll shut up now and save my thoughts for blog/email. Take a look. This is how SW vocab evolution should work!
kjetilk: geo:alt wasn't too clearly defined up to recently, since it was without unit.
DanC: nifty
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