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last updated at 2006-07-01 18:50
CaptSolo: ... to launch at 15:49 EDT ... (sorry for offtopic)
CaptSolo: seeAlso July 1 - Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery
bblfish: SIOC, foaf, RSS1.x input welcome
danbri: In other words, a script takes a list of URIs, parses them and describes the sub-structure in RDF. We then query this using SPARQL, in particular, regex filters against the various component strings.
danbri: Tested using Jena/ARQ with the Twinkle GUI. Haven't got it working in the Redland online service yet.
danbri: I think this shows how much nicer it is to have a pre-parsed structure. We can write "regex(?userinfo, ":")" to find URIs that include a password, for example. Regex'ing against the entire URI is, by contrast, rather intimidating and bug-prone.
danbri: I just posted about this to the W3C Web Content Labels Incubator Group list (WCL-XG).
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