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last updated at 2006-06-21 17:17
snail: Peter Saint Andre telling us that we can start using xmpp: URIs already in FOAF
chimezie: In his words it's a transform into "the most comprehensive RDF equivalent"
chimezie: Makes use of FOAF, DCTerms, DC, and MetaVocab vocabulary
DanC: hope to look into this; the approach sounds interesting
chimezie: See: Sam's original post on this transform
danja_: blog post associated with this: 'Quantifying the "RDF Tax"' :
danja_: ontology plus Atom2Turtle XSLT (2.0)
danja_: old docs :
danja_: aim being to model Atom as accurately as possible in RDF/OWL
danja_: mapping to approximate synonyms to follow
bblfish: translate Tim Brays atom feed to N3
bblfish: There is still a bug in the ". Need to fix. Sorry
bblfish: bug fixed. Tim Bray's feed after transformation does to rdf/xml
chimezie: A Wiki on social conventions for guiding the dereferencing of URIs in arbitrary RDF graph instances (using established vocabulary terms)
chimezie: As an alternative to brute force OntologicalClosure
timbl: I find several things I don't agree with
timbl: - I don't think OntologicalClosure is "brute force" - it i sjust following links -- why characterize so?
timbl: I think the author doesn't in general in a web know where a reader is going: the whole idea is that the reader may be taking a new and unanticipated path through the links.
timbl: What is interesting, though, is the question of what the author commits to.
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