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last updated at 2006-06-16 19:17
DanC: v 1.6 2006/06/16 14:03:38
DanC: transcribed from n3.n3 revision 1.28 date: 2006/02/15
DanC: for use with yacker
DanC: see interactive syntax checker
DanC: hmm... doesn't seem to express #-style comments
DanC: v 1.8 2006/06/16 14:28:15 passes swap/test/syntax/trailing-semicolon.n3, modulo #comments
DanC: syntax/decimal.n3 passes...
DanC: fails syntax/neg-keywords3.n3 . I don't understand why that's not good N3.
DanC: passes syntax/neg-single-quote.n3
DanC: fails <syntax/neg-thisadoc.n3>. doesn't express constraints on keywords
DanC: fails <syntax/neg-literal-predicate.n3> . hmm...
DanC: n3.n3 says verb can be expression which can be pathitem which can be literal
DanC: see bnf2turtle -- write a turtle version of an EBNF grammar weblog entry 2006-02-10
snail: features of flickr and features i would like it to have, including meany semweb ones
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