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last updated at 2006-06-12 13:28
monkeyiq: 1.1.95 now allows building metadata indexes in redland (bdb, sqlite, pg etc)
monkeyiq: Desktop search is performed using SPARQL
monkeyiq: Also, the RDF schema allows for multiple instances of file metadata, eg, you can index a URL 10x and keep all 10 instances of metadata.
monkeyiq: Supports query for files which matched given query at a specified point in time, or just using the most recent metadata instance per file
danbri: Cooool!
monkeyiq: There are some corner cases which run fine in Jena but not quite in redland at current :/
monkeyiq: The same interface as described here is used to populate and search RDF filesystem metadata indexes
monkeyiq: /ferris/apps/rdf/ferris-myrdf-query can be used to directly launch SPARQL against a populated filesystem metadata index.
danbri: Later remangled into Ruby, and ultimately abandoned :)
danbri: Lessons: property direction names matter: "foaf:depicts" vs "foaf:depiction" (need a mechanism that allows either)
danbri: - datasource selection matters; making it global doesn't work, as different chunks of code might be connected to different datasources. Making each node know its source is a pain too.
danbri: - simple things like RSS + some extensions, this works nicely
danbri: - imho all this can be re-thought now we have SPARQL
danbri: See also old overview
[GNU]: Updated my ARC demo and put some sample queries on the page.
jeen: by Chris Bizer
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