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last updated at 2006-06-09 20:16
CaptSolo: showing sample data from John Breslin's weblog
chimezie: Dan Zambonini's constructive criticism of the SW
DanC: I haven't read that article yet, but I assume it refers to the hasty way that one part of the debian community accepted the recent Java license terms on behalf of the rest of the debian community...
DanC: I wrote something on that, Consensus and community review in open source and open standards, back when we released SPARQL as CR
bblfish: A Sun Mink article on the new licence
sbp: With a bit of XSLT hacking to merge the RDF output documents. Doesn't do any form of recursivity, and it only works on XHTML, but otherwise it should do what it does well. ./ inputuri > output.rdf to run it
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