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last updated at 2006-04-26 19:09
chimezie: A set of classes that implement a 'minimal' Relational Model of Notation 3 (and FOPL - for the most part)
chimezie: Essentially takes the current SQL schema (which partitions assertions into classifications, literal properties, and all other) and improves it by interning all identfiers/literal values using a base-10 converted half-md5-hash (a technique used by 3Store,ARC - and probably others)
chimezie: The generation of SQL queries (intersections,triple resolution, removals, garbage collection,etc..) is implemented by and
mattb: launch notes from the bbc's project director
dajobe: with RDF description of everything
dajobe: well done mattb
dajobe: such as Blake's Seven
timbl: Nifty. Lots of RDF data. Is it browsable?
timbl: I seem to be in there as a bnode but not with a URI I can quote
ldodds: some sample SPARQL queries: list shows made by William Hartnell that mention Dr Who, and Dr Who episodes in order of airing
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