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last updated at 2006-04-25 19:19
chimezie: Hadn't noticed this one before
chimezie: Probably could be rewriten to output a graphviz .dot file for better diagram portability
chimezie: Support for non-moded apply-templates, global params and variables added by William A Slabbekoorn
leobard: gathering ideas for a simple, XSLT friendly, RDF/XML serialization.
dajobe: "no blank nodes (replace them wirth random uris while serializing) " means breaking rdf/xml - don't do that
dajobe: and blank nodes look up resources - doesn't make any sense. must be something in your system
EarleMartin: Almost two years old now. Weeeeeee.
crschmidt: Contains an mtypes.xpi firefox extension
crschmidt: This one works on FF1.5, which no other one I could find at the time did
sbp: Direct link: mtypes.xpi
sbp: We love 'em.
EarleMartin: Freddie Starr ate my Tag URI!
sbp: Previously at, I believe, though that domain seems to have rotted for some reason.
sbp: Looks somewhat out of date anyway, too.
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