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last updated at 2006-03-30 16:54
teefal: Looking for write-ups connecting agile development with semweb
teefal: Jon Kern is second from left
danbri___: Prettied up for the SWAD-Europe t-shirts by Liz Turner
danbri___: See original slides
danbri___: I liked that slide a lot, and wanted to capture something of it. That a lot of computer work is about relations amongst documents; that semweb is about modeling relations in the world.
danbri___: And that SemWeb mixes the 2, by creating documents (in the lower part of the diagram) that capture claims about the states of affairs in the upper part.
danbri___: Do we have a proper pic of the swad-e shirt itself online somewhere? (ie. not a photo of someone wearing it and waving a glass of beer around at some conference ;)
dajobe: aka "Are you allowed to add names to an XML Namespace?"
dajobe: answer: Yes (I'm paraphrasing)
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