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last updated at 2006-03-08 21:13
DanC: "SPARQL, the W3C standard RDF query language, gives native object, RDF, and XML responses to queries. Query over sockets, HTTP, Lisp or a Java API."
DanC: also supports OWL DL, RDF Prolog, SWRL
DanC: and simple inferencing (subclass, subproperty, identity, and inverse relations)
dajobe: pulled out of the zip on the Turtle document page
masaka: Parses RDF/Turtle string and generates Javascript/JSON array of RDF triples.
masaka: Array format is the same as that of Jim Ley's Javascript RDF Parser, so you can use some of his fucntions with the result.
dajobe: yay
karlUshi: When RDF means Resource Description Folksonomy. A semantic web made by people. I think that could be a very interesting possibility for the Semantic Web and specifically because it's multilingual and multicultural.
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