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last updated at 2006-02-10 17:19
danbri: Section 5.5.8 Semantic Markup, "Semantic Markup (tbd) should be included to indicate the purpose of content. Provide information about document collections (i.e. documents comprising multiple pages)"
danbri: "What it means: If you give clues in your markup as to the purpose of the content then it is a lot easier for adaptation mechanisms to present your content in a usable way."
danbri: But noting, "[The group is at present unclear as to what it means by Semantic Markup and this section is a placeholder]"
danbri: I'm sure they'd welcome suggestions, comments, feedback...
dajobe: now with A4 and US Letter PDFs
dajobe: made via bnf2turtle with a bit of sed and grep glue
dajobe: from the Turtle doc which remains definitive. For now.
DanC: added explicit open source license, references, and a bit of write-up
DanC: copied the write-up to a breadcrumbs blog post
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