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last updated at 2005-12-02 21:08
iand: Embedded RDF - a scheme for embedding RDF in XHTML
iand: Geotags in metatags
iand: Add <link rel="schema.geo" href="" /> and profile="" /> to make this embedded RDF
nickshanks: Geotags in RDF
dajobe: abstract only
dajobe: This column proposes several reasons that the Semantic Web vision hasn’t been adopted. Part two will present an alternate approach.
_hex: an ontology to model Wikipedia articles
_hex: as presented at WikiMania 2005
_hex: the "wiki:" namespace seems to be getting a bit overloaded.
ldodds: forum for exploring expansion to metadata in OpenDocument format
ldodds: see notes on Mapping Existing Metadata to RDF
ldodds: Would be useful to have a defined mapping, but I believe there's some interest in making the format valid RDF
ldodds: Notes and examples from Alf Eaton
ldodds: Uses dc:creator with an rdf:Seq, as does Adobe's XMP
ldodds: ordering of authors is significant in some contexts, e.g. academic citations
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