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last updated at 2005-11-29 20:16
jhendler: David's blog entry for his trip to International Workshop on Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (SSWS 2005) held at WISE 2005
jhendler: the part about OWLIM is interesting
jhendler: but /me wonders if "OWL Horst" can do FOAF, as DLP is not powerful enough to handle even the little bit of OWL FOAF uses
jhendler: guess I need to check out ter Horst's ISWC 2005 paper
bengee: some OWLIM figures (PDF from SemWebDays' proceedings, slide 22+)
dajobe: what's changed? I'm not clear, and the changelog is too low level for me. Since I'm not on the WG, it's hard to do a delta over 130+ cvs change comments
dajobe: lots of editorial fixes and conformance fixes. language tag changes (sop:langMatches, ?), error handling, isURI and isIRI both, 1.0 is now an xsd:decimal (was xsd:double), grammar has changed beyond typos possibly more, ...
dajobe: damn firefox, I missed the human edited changelog higher up. thanks dawg for writing that
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