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last updated at 2005-11-16 22:41
DanC_: my presentation for XML 2005
DanC_: It was a little too much to fit into 45 minutes, but I think it went reasonably well.
ldodds: With query form. Work in progress
karlcow: "However, problems with the quality of metadata [58] compromise the utility of the standards. Federated identity middleware such as Shibboleth9 begins to address authorization and authentication issues, but the underlying public key infrastructure that was seen as "essential to the emergence of digital libraries" [34] remains undeveloped. "
karlcow: "Despite efforts of the W3C's Semantic Web initiative [13], the holy grail of semantic interoperability [42] remains elusive. Finally, with increasing amounts of rich information born in digital form and stored in institutional repositories, we still lack standard, scalable techniques for fully preserving that information."
evanpro: We've got a new MediaWiki extension running on Wikitravel to allow in-page RDF markup for articles.
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