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last updated at 2005-11-10 22:57
dajobe: caution: PDF
dajobe: caution: PDF
Attempts to Unify RDF APIs
chimezie: Cwm/rdflib
chimezie: rdflib/4rdf
chimezie: RDF API (Java)
chimezie: API Design Discussion Wiki
danbri: <Person rdf:about=""/>
danbri: I declared a URI for myself...
ldodds: see announcement from Mark Nottingham on public-web-http-desc
ldodds: could be a useful resource for REST fans, esp if the patterns get fleshed out
ldodds: there's a good list of APIs to crib techniques/patterns from
libby: :) :)
DanC: does it work with photos hosted elsewhere?
bengee: I got my sparql back
bengee: and the filters don't return what they should, but what the heck ;)
bengee: click on "adjust filters", and then enter "ISWC" in the "tagged with" field, this should work
bengee: LiveSlides loop through the newest 16 pics (if filters are set)
CaptSolo: by Daniel Weitzner
CaptSolo: at ISWC 2005
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