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last updated at 2005-11-02 21:50
timbl: Eric Miller's slides.
timbl: Also see Celebra products
timbl: and Oracle Semantic grid
timbl: Oracle Semantic Technologies
timbl: and Aduna Autofocus, metadata Server, Spectacle
timbl: and Tucana's Knowledge Discovery Suite from Northrop Grumman
timbl: and Inellidimension's RDF Gateway " a platform for the development and deployment of Semantic Web applications"
timbl: Altova's Semanticworks 2006 RDF, RDFS and OWL editing
timbl: Note IBM's "The future of the Web is Semantic" not a product but a statement :)
timbl: Unicorn's Universal Data Repository
dajobe: this was the conference I was thinking of: Semantic Technology Conference, March 6-9 2006 in San Jose.
timbl: Adobe's XMP of course
farh0rizon: Siderean is RDF-based, I believe Seamark Navigator
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