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last updated at 2005-10-28 21:57
bijan: It's not too late to join in the fun!
rich_holygoat: Richard Newman's summary of geo-related vocabularies.
DanC: I wonder to what extent it's in sync with GeoInfo
_hex: The GML spec's Cambridge example expressed as Map Bureau's RDFMap.
DanC: W3C Working Draft 17 October 2005
DanC: hmm... kinda WAI style... and sorta QA style... section numbers like
DanC: the value chain stuff is good... but I'd like more story-telling up front
DanC: I'm not sure about the techniques genre... I'd almost prefer an edited series of blog articles or something
My rambling in line
tw3k: As an example see my drawing in the modern style as originaly preceived by Giacometti
tw3k: An example on "Modern" drawing in the style of Giacometti
tw3k: This is an example on xmp as parsed by the mdfind utility in isx
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