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last updated at 2005-10-05 17:11
danja: MarkB's antics
shellac: See also the help page
shellac: Static html + sparql (via js). Can get a bit slow, but more of an experiment than anything else.
shellac: No worky on IE, alas.
libby: wheee!
danbri: "Today we're going to build a social content engine for organizing and sharing content with our friends..."
RDF Forms and SPARQL
DanC: a ScheduledTopicChat
DanC: cf scribbly bits in www-archive
DanC: cf RDF Forms, Mark Baker, work in progress 2003
DanC: at 11am Chicago, 1600Z
DanC: invite to
DanC: attendee Dan Connolly
MarkB: attendee Mark Baker
bengee: attending: Benjamin Nowack
chimezie: attending: Chimezie Ogbuji
danja: attending: Danny Ayers
ldodds: attending: Leigh Dodds
shellac: attending Damian Steer
rich_holygoat: attending: Richard Newman
DanC: agenda + RDF forms section-by-section walkthru
DanC: <chimezie> Agenda suggestion: Is the XForms abstraction of UI components/artifacts/actions a useful precedent?
eikeon: attending Daniel Krech
logger: See discussion
chimezie: rfc2616 - HTTP
DanC: ACTION MarkB: rev RDF Forms spec w.r.t. feedback received here today; ETA: one month
danbri: Very RDFish in spirit. Anyone got time to do a more detailed comparision?
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